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Trace back with our ancestors . Let´s walk through timeline that will take you to know the local history of Patagonia

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Rediscover our ancestors. Let´s walk through a timeline that will take you to learn the local history of Patagonia


The service begins from to “Fundo San Fernando” located at 26 miles south the city. There are 18 stations that recreate the habits of the native “Tehuelche” people, who occupied the continental part of the Patagonia for hundreds of years, and the “Kaweskar”, community that lived in the Patagonian Channels.

The visitor go with a guide who tells the historic details and shows the station with life size sculptures. At the beginning of the journey, the guide will give each visitor a “totem”. The first stop is a circular wooden gate; there in the middle a bonfire is set, and each person sits around it, while the guide tells you about the “Tehuelche Gods”. Then we continue, the visitor will get his face painted white. That is the requirement, it is the sign of belonging of the Tehuelches. Then, in the open sky, you will learn how the Tehuelches used to hunt Guanacos and Ñandúes, with arrows and “Boleadoras”, with rocks and tied to leather ropes. At the “Mirador Lookout” you can see the distant sea through a Spyglass. It is the closest you will be to the sensation that the Indians felt when they saw for the first colonists who hoisted the Chilean flag.

The path leads to the Canelo Sur river, where is recreated how Kawesqars used to hunt in the water, an Indian building a canoe and Kawesqar women knitting in the edge of the river. Finally you can appreciate an imagen of Miguel Cambiazo, protagonist of the Cambiazo Mutiny in the recently born colony of Punta Arenas, and the first’s seekers of gold, the economic settle for many of the pioneers in Patagonia.

 Children up to 2 years of age free if travelling in their parents’ arms or U$D 16 using seats.

Cancellation policy: 5 days 

Operation and minimun passengers

On season:  Departures to be confirmed with 2 passengers minimum.

Departures and lenght

Departures: 10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm approx. from hotels located at the downtown of the city, Plaza de Armas or Handycraft Center (located at 21 de Mayo street # 1463)

Length: 3,5 to 4 hours in total (2 hours of trekking approximately)  


Pick up and drop off at hotel (if located at the downtown of the city / Ask for your hotel is included or not), Plaza de Armas or Handycraft Center ,  shared transportation, english speaking  guide at the park, entry tickets.

Not included:

Guide during transportation, pick up at hotels located out downtown , Entrance tickets

High season

September 2023 to April 2024

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