Full Day Torres del Paine + Boat Trip to Grey Glacier

The beauty of the Eighth Wonder of the World and the imposing Grey Glacier

Departure from Puerto Natales

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Pick up at hotels in Puerto Natales travelling by the route that borders the Ultima Esperanza Fjord until arriving to “Lago Grey Hotel” in Torres del Paine National Park where in some opportunities it is possible to observe some “huemules” who live at surroundings. After check in for navigation we will begin a 30-40 minutes walk through a native forest until  arriving to the extensive beach of the lake, we can also admire the huge pieces of ice that have been detached from the glacier . In this point, we will aboard a comfortable embarkation which will allow us to navigate to Grey Glacier, until arriving to the ice walls of 131 ft high and blue colors. This navigation lenght around 3 hours.

Afterward,, we will begin our ride within the National Park to admire its beauty from several lookout points located by main road, such as “Lago Pehoe” one of most beautiful viewpoint of Paine massif. Later on,  and after short and easy walk we reach the “Salto Grande“, a imposing waterfall. Later, our vehicle will stop in “Mirador Los Lagos“, where we can admire the different colors of lake waters. Afterwards , we will visit the “Laguna Amarga“, one of the best spot for observing the famous “Torres del Paine

Finally, we will stop at “Lago Sarmiento” , one of the largest lakes of the park and then we will return to Puerto Natales.

It is worth mentioning that this excursion does not visit the Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument.

Cancellation policy: 10 DAYS

Private service with driver only / Rates per person

  01 Pax. 02 Pax. 03 Pax. 04 Pax. 05 Pax. 06 Pax.

 September 2019

 U$D 410  U$D 278  U$D 235  U$D 210  U$D 195  U$D 185

 October 2019
up to April 2020

 U$D 430  U$D 288  U$D 242  U$D 215  U$D 202 U$D 190

ENTRANCE FEES COST (Chilean Currency and cash only)


April 2019

May  30th to September 2019

October 2019 to April 2020

Adult National

$ 6.000

$ 4.000

$ 6.000

Adult Foreign

$ 21.000

$ 11.000

$ 21.000

Minor National
(1 a 6 años)




Minor National
(7 a 17 años)

$ 2.000

$ 1.000

$ 2.000

Minor Foreign
( 1 a 17 años)

$ 6.000

$ 1.000

$ 6.000


September – October 2019 and March – April 2020: departures to be confirmed.

November 2019 up to February 2020: Daily departures (except December 25th and January 1st)


September 2019 up to April 2020 ): Departure: 6:30 am  / Return: 6:30 – 7:30 pm approx.

Frequent questions

         What happens if the navigation is cancelled?

In case of cancellation due bad weather conditions or any other reason, the value of the navigation will be refunded:  U$D 128 for adult passenger and U$D 64 for children (5 up 12 years old)


Is it possible to see the famous “Towers during the tour?   

The three peaks known as “Torres del Paine”, “Los Cuernos del Paine”, and the rest of the mountainous massif can be seen with a panoramic view from different lookouts where the tour stops. The tour goes through the 60 kilometers of road inside the park which is located in front of the massif where is possible to admire the peaks. The visibility will depend on the cloudy condition.

The tour does not  visit the “Towers”, and can be seen see them in a panoramic view, as mentioned previously.  For visiting them is necessary the “Trekking Base Las Torres” or “W Circuit”.

OCTOBER 2019 to APRIL 2020

Rate per person FROM:

US$ 190

Rate applies for a minimum of 6 passengers (Ask for rates in case of a minor number of passengers)

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